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Need a laugh despite today’s economy? How about a female-driven, pressure-releasing dramedy that throws off the overdone do-gooder, spandex-clad superhero for a modern-day woman with a Robin Hood twist?

Enter ROBYN F. HOODE, a stubborn, intelligent architect among the “one-percent” who uncannily lives up to her name when she discovers her snooty client, STELLA SEYMOUR’S, heartless goal of removing the homeless from a coveted property.

When Robyn presents her final design for an alternate location, she loses her job and quickly spirals from riches to rags. Suddenly, she is painfully aware of how unfair life can be, especially for the poor and homeless.

Desperate and needy, Robyn goes incognito to the Welfare Office and meets GEORGE WEBBER, an unusual ally and Stella’s Ex. He introduces her to his “friends,” the same ones who inhabit the Old Glory building Stella wants for her upscale boutique. The insanity that unravels next will delight you.

With new insight, Robyn begins to steal from the rich, but not for herself. She steals to feed others and to ​provide medical care that saves the life of an impoverished single mother. She steals to restore a homeless one-and-a-half-legged man’s ability to walk. She steals to build a community center for those in need.

Unfortunately, Robyn has enemies – very RICH enemies who salivate to stop her from her own evil-do-gooding. During one of her criminally heroine quests to “steal from the rich and give to the poor” she triggers the alarm after snatching Stella’s most prized possession and barely escapes being arrested.

The standoff to save the building pits Robyn and her longbow against the indominable Stella, her rich friends and a mega-doze on its way to tear down the historical Old Glory​ Building. It’s a war of courage and wit. Robyn and the dozer go at it until she calls for George, her “Little John,” who unveils Stella’s priceless painting. As the dozer roars forward, Stella screams to stop it and stubbornly trades the building for her family treasure.

 Old Glory is saved and Robyn becomes the leader of the new community center.

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